Så tolkar jag nedanstående i alla fall. Republikanerna försöker tränga in Obama i ett hörn, men hoppas det slår tillbaka förr eller senare… Skatterna måste upp, i kombination med lägre kostnader, omöjligt att hålla på som de gör just nu (och har gjort länge)…


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By Corey Boles and Patrick OConnor

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) told Republican lawmakers on a conference call Sunday evening that no grand deal on raising the debt ceiling is possible with President Barack Obama, but he warned his members that some of them would have to accept sacrifices in a final bill, a person on the call said.

The comments came on a conference call House GOP leadership was holding with the partys rank and file lawmakers to update them on the status of talks with Democrats on the need to increase the countrys $14.29 trillion debt ceiling.

Mr. Boehner said that the path forward would not be through a deal struck between himself and the president but through a bill Congress sends to Obamas desk to sign, the person said.

He told the lawmakers that he would have more details on what such a plan would look like on Monday, but told them that it would be based on an earlier GOP plan passed by the House last week.

That proposal would extract deep cuts in the federal budget immediately, put a cap on future spending and state that an increase in the debt ceiling would be contingent on congressional approval of a constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to balance its budget.

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